Smart Cylinders Solution

What's Included:
  • Smart Cylinders gas level sensors
  • Access to your own web portal for route optimization and monitoring of your customers' LPG consumption.
  • White label end customer app for monitoring and easy ordering
  • Delivery app with instructions and proof of delivery
  • Free support from our technical advisors.

LPG and industrial gases are vital parts of our energy system, and we will be dependent on them for many decades to come.

However, the systems used to transport and distribute gas cylinders are creating a massive and unnecessary carbon footprint. Distribution systems are expensive, ineffective and dated. Gas delivery logistics rely heavily on manual operations, and this is a big problem.

Because let's face it - humans are bad planners.

By using advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology, Smart Cylinders puts you in charge of your gas delivery logistics like never before. Our system gives you a real-time overview of all your gas cylinders, across multiple installations, and informs you which cylinders are running low. It can automatically generate the most effective transport route for your next delivery run.


Never run out LPG

Never run out

Never worry about running out of LPG again.

Automatic refills

Automatic refills

Automatic refill when needed. No need for manual ordering.

No staff training

No staff training

Eliminate time consuming staff training on your LPG system.

Save time

Focus on your core business

Free up time by letting your supplier take care of everything.

Optimize logistics

Optimized logistics

Reduce up to 50% of your transport costs by better capacity management and smart delivery scheduling.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

Become a number one choice by your customers by offering an extra service.

Grow your business

Reduced carbon footprint

Provide a greener solution by cutting CO2 emissions as a result of optimized transport efficiency.

Satisfied customer

Customer satisfaction

Always deliver cylinders to your customers in time.

Monitor your LPG levels

Better asset management

Improve the utilization of your cylinder metal.

Automatic ordering

Automatic orders

No need for incoming phone calls or e-mails, our sensors will know when it's time for a refill.


The Smart Cylinders sensor is 100% plug & play and can easily be installed by your local driver. It may be used on any kind of cylinder setup. Only one sensor is needed per installation, regardless of the number of cylinders.

Typical cylinder setups:

  • Monitoring one side at a time using todays delivery standard of swapping half the cylinders during one delivery.
  • With all cylinders coupled in parallel, our system can detect when a site is running low, and the driver can swap all cylinders in one go.

The sensor will continuously transmit the gas level in the cylinders to our cloud-based web portal. Wireless GSM/LTE connectivity ensures stable and easy communication and data transfer.

The web portal is a revolutionary and easy way to handle orders and deliveries of gas cylinders. By accessing your own web portal subdomain you can monitor the gas level of your customers, and take benefit of features such as:

  • Automatic order handling, reducing manual work.
  • Optimal delivery scheduling, for improved asset management.
  • Delivery route optimization, reducing distance and time on the road.

With the most optimal routes in place, deliveries can now be made using minimal time spent on the road.

Results from our customers shows that it's possible to reduce driving distances by up to 33% using the Smart Cylinders system.



Web Portal

Monitor LPG levels and know exactly when to refill.

The web portal is easy to use and can be integrated with existing CRM/ERP systems. Through the Smart Cylinders web portal the LPG supplier has full overview of their customers' LPG consumption, and can plan refills many days in advance. The system also prevents human errors and false orders, reducing unnecessary deliveries.

Smart Cylinders Web Portal GraphSmart Cylinders Web Portal List


Easy to install sensor to track consumption.

The patent pending Smart Cylinders sensor can easily be installed at the consumers’ locations, for instant wireless monitoring of LPG cylinder consumption. This simple telemetry solution is a retrofitting that does not require any technicians for installation.

What our customers are saying about Smart Cylinders

"The Smart Cylinders telemetry sensor is a simple but effective way to reduce logistical costs for bottled gas deliveries. We have introduced the pads on a holiday village with 300+ lodges with great success."

Brian Manchester, Sales & Marketing Manager at LPG4U

"Our rapid growth strategy would not be possible to execute without the use of the Smart Cylinders system."

Niels Christian Brogger, CEO of NorgesGass


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We are working with some of Europe’s finest gas delivery companies. Together, we are improving logistics, cutting costs and reducing carbon footprints in the LPG delivery industry.

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