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Smart Cylinders Solution

LPG level sensors, web portal and utility apps
What's included:
  • Web Portal Access
    Live monitoring, order management, route optimization
  • Level Sensors for Gas Cylinders
    100% Plug and play
  • End Customer App (white label)
    Easy ordering, monitoring, delivery tracking
  • Delivery App
    Packaging list, delivery instructions, proof of delivery
Sensor Quantity
Minimum order quantity is 40 sensors.
Sensor quantity
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How to install the sensor
Turn on

Turn the sensor on by rotating the switch with a coin or screwdriver.

Pair with customer

Scan the code on the sensor with your smartphone, using a QR reading app. Follow the instructions.

Install cylinder

Place a refilled cylinder on top of the sensor. Confirm that it is stable.

Check surroundings

Make sure that only the cylinder is in contact with the sensor, nothing else.


Live monitoring

Get full overview of your customers’ LPG consumption with live monitoring provided by the sensor


The web portal predicts days left until empty for every customer by using live data points and historic consumption rates.

Automatic order handling

When the system detects that a customer is ready for a refill, a new order can be generated automatically.

Order clustering

Using state of the art algorithms, the webportal combines deliveries to customers in the same region in the most optimal way.

Capacity balancing

New deliveries will be proactively planned in the system, making sure the load is spread evenly throughout the week.

Route optimization

Automatic route generation reduces time spent on planning, and distance driven.

Smart Cylinders Software Family

Smart Cylinders Software family

As part of the Smart Cylinders software family, we offer two smartphone apps. Live sensor data can be displayed in a separate app suitable for the end customers. Here, for example, a restaurant can follow their gas consumption rates and easily order new cylinders or enroll automatic ordering. It is up to the supplier to choose whether their end customers should have access to this app or not.

We also offer a separate app for the drivers where they receive delivery schedules directly from the web portal. The drivers can also approve and cancel planned deliveries which are reported back to the web portal. This way no deliveries will be forgotten and the supplier has full control over their deliveries.