Smart Cylinders Sensor

Made for tough environments

Our sensors are designed to measure LPG cylinders with up to 150 kg of continuous load. To ensure that the sensors can withstand rough handling they are designed with an embedded overload protection. The sensors are water resistant and certified for use in explosive environments (EX Zone 2).

Effortless setup

The Smart Cylinders sensors can easily be applied to existing cylinders in the field without a technician. The sensor does not require any power supply or wifi connection.

How to install the sensor
Turn on

Turn the sensor on by rotating the switch with a coin or screwdriver.

Pair with customer

Scan the code on the sensor with your smartphone, using a QR reading app. Follow the instructions.

Install cylinder

Place a refilled cylinder on top of the sensor. Confirm that it is stable.

Check surroundings

Make sure that only the cylinder is in contact with the sensor, nothing else.

The Smart Cylinders sensor enables monitoring of remaining gas in LPG cylinders and transmits the data to a web portal. The plug & play sensor is made from recyclable aluminium and designed to withstand tough environments.


Easy to install

The sensors can be installed without technicians and set up with a smartphone QR-app.


Wireless LTE-M/GSM connectivity ensures stable and easy communication and data transfer.

Long battery life

Up to 10 years of battery life.


The sensors are waterproof, IP66.


The sensors are made from 100% recyclable aluminium.

Rugged design

The sensors are designed to withstand up to 150kg of continuous load.

Overload protection

To ensure that the sensors can withstand rough handling they are designed with an overload protection.

ATEX, UKEX, IECEx Certified

The sensors are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Temperature resistant

The sensors can handle environments with temperatures ranging from -20˚C to + 50˚C.

Space efficient

The sensor is compact and only adds 3,8 cm to the cylinder height.

Always updated

Over the air updates ensure that the sensors’ firmware is always up to date.

Product specifications
2,1 kg
Ø38 cm
Aluminium, PP-GF
Battery included

Smart Cylinders maintains its responsibility for sustainable return in Norway through its membership of the recycling company Norsirk AS.

Norsirk is a nationwide, industry-owned, nonprofit recycling company for the collection, recycling and environmentally sound management of electrical and electronic waste.

Norsirk collects EE waste from approximately 2500 pick-up points throughout Norway, primarily from distributors of electrical and electronic products and municipal and inter-municipal waste disposal sites. All private individuals can deliver EE waste free of charge to municipal waste disposal sites or to dealers / stores selling the same type of products.

Businesses can also deliver to the same locations, but they may be charged for a fee upon submission. Alternatively, retailers may require new purchases of similar quantities of EE products.

The sensor must be disposed as electrical waste in accordance with local regulations.

Product Certifications
II 3 G Ex ec mc IIC T6 Gc
ExVeritas 22 ATEX 1390
ExVeritas 22 UKEX 1391
-20 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +50 °C
IECEx EXV 22.0050
Australia / New Zealand
South Africa
MASC S/22-8674

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Smart Cylinders Solution
  • Access to your own web portal for route optimization and monitoring of your customers' LPG consumption.
  • White label end customer app for monitoring and easy ordering
  • Delivery app with instructions and proof of delivery
  • Free support from our technical advisors.
Will the sensor work in Australia?

Yes. We produce a tailored version of the sensor to work with the cellular network in Australia.

Can I buy only one sensor for private use?

Currently we are only supplying businesses that sell LPG on cylinders. So if you would like to have a sensor for private usage, either contact your local supplier and ask if they may supply you with a Smart Cylinders Sensor, or ask us and we will link you up with some of our customers.