Benefits for LPG consumers

Never run out

Our sensors will feed your selected supplier with the current percentage of content in your LPG (gas) cylinders. This allows them to make sure that you never run out again by supplying you before it is too late. The status of your cylinders is transmitted regularly to your supplier and will enable deliveries to be planned automatically.

Automatic LPG refilling

Automatic refills

By letting your LPG supplier monitor your consumption, they will know exactly when to refill your cylinders. So you never have to make manual orders again over phone or email. Everything will become automated and you can be confident that you always have gas for your daily operations.

Eliminate staff training

Eliminate staff training

Most establishments that use gas on cylinders have to train every new staff member on how to change cylinders and in some cases also how to order make urgent orders. By using our system you can eliminate time consuming staff training on your LPG setup and let your supplier take care of it.

Save time and money

Focus on your core business

Let go of unexpected interruptions caused by changeover, ordering or issues related to your LPG system. This will free up time for staff members so they can focus on making the customers happy.

Check availability in your area

Check if there exists any propane suppliers in your area that offer our service. We are rapidly expanding and trying to cover as many countries as possible.

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