Smart Cylinders is now available in Yorkshire

With our trusted partner and local LPG supplier innergy Group Ltd we are now offering the Smart Cylinders solution in all of Yorkshire. Send a request and get started today!

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Hassle-free gas bottle refills of your 47 kg cylinders!

With the Smart Cylinders system, you can get automatic refills of your 47 kg propane gas bottles, and you never have to worry about running out again.

The system monitors your propane gas consumption in real time and alerts your local LPG supplier when you are ready for a refill. Orders and deliveries are automated. Smart Cylinders provides a hassle-free experience and a significantly reduced carbon footprint from deliveries.


Automatic ordering and refills
Track your usage and order history
Reduced carbon footprint from deliveries
User friendly and hassle-free experience

Who is this solution for?

For off-grid customers using propane gas for heating. The Smart Cylinders system
ensures you never run out of gas.

For restaurants or other industries using LPG on cylinders. Automatic delivery will make sure you can focus on your core business and not have to worry about running out of propane.

No need to manually check the LPG level on cylinders for residents. With the automation provided by Smart Cylinders, the gas supplier will be able to deliver directly to each house park resident in time.

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