Benefits for LPG suppliers

Grow your LPG business

Grow your business

By using the Smart Cylinders fleet management system you will automatically know when it’s time to refill your customers’ cylinders, and can make sure your customers don’t have to worry about running out of LPG again. This unique service enables your company to grow and outperform your competitors by lowering your costs while providing the best customer experience at the same time.

Optimize logistics

Optimize logistics

The Smart Cylinders system gives the exact LPG level of cylinder customers, so the delivery date can be estimated with great precision. Our tests shows that this can reduce the logistics and distribution cost with as much as 20-25%. Therefore making your company less sensitive to competitor pricing. You will also reduce the CO2 footprint of your business by avoiding unnecessary trips.

Customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty

Build differentiation and customer loyalty by delivering simplicity to your customers. With the Smart Cylinders system you can reshape and enhance your value proposition to your customers and be able to provide gas as a service, rather than just a commodity.

Satisfied customer

Increased customer satisfaction

Like many other retail businesses, the usual way to gain customers is to compete on price with your competitors. Therefore it is difficult to establish strong customer relationships since customers shop around for the best price. By offering a new and better service for the end customers, they are more likely to become loyal to your company.

Monitor LPG levels

Live monitoring

Our sensors provide live monitoring of the content inside your customers’ cylinders. Inside the Smart Cylinders Web Portal you will be able to view, analyze and get predictions for next delivery for each customer.

Eliminate phone calls

Automated gas ordering

Suppliers and distributors of LPG often spend a lot of time accepting and sorting out orders from their customers. Orders are usually done over phone, email or through a web ordering system. By utilizing our solution every order will be executed automatically. This frees up time and makes it easier for both the end customers and the supplier.

Web Portal


The web portal is easy to use and can be integrated with existing CRM/ERP systems. Through the Smart Cylinders web portal the LPG supplier has full overview of their customers LPG consumption, and can plan refills in many days in advance. The system also prevents human errors and false orders, reducing unnecessary deliveries.

Smart Cylinders Web Portal GraphSmart Cylinders Web Portal List

Get access to a demo account

If you are a supplier of LPG, we would love to get in touch and show you our products.
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How it works

Our patent pending sensor monitors the customers LPG cylinder level.
The LPG level is then sent wirelessly to our servers where the data is being analyzed.
The data is presented in our web platform.
Refilled cylinders are delivered to the end customers.
The LPG supplier will know exactly when to refill.


Does this system provide live percentage of cylinder content at every location?
How easy is it to roll out the sensors?
Do you have customer support?
How is the data from the sensors transmitted?